Palworld to be ‘investigated’ by The Pokémon Company

The Pokemon Company will be investigating claims of copyright infringement in an undisclosed game, though we all know which one, it’s Palworld. Since its release last Friday, Palworld has indirectly triggered the wrath of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company following claims of copyright infringement. Often described as “Pokemon with guns,” …

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Palworld PlayStation 5 release teased by developer

It’s been a busy ol’ weekend for Palword, for reasons both good and bad, but there’s certainly no denying that this game has taken the internet by storm. Often described as ‘Pokémon with guns’, Palword is an open-world survival meets crafting game where you’ll acquire a variety of creatures – …

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Hogwarts Legacy studio’s next game to be Xbox exclusive

We’re very much in the dark about what’s next for the Hogwarts Legacy franchise. We’ve known for quite some time though what’s coming up for studio Avalanche Software. I’m imagining that Hogwarts Legacy does indeed have a future given that it proved to be 2023’s best-selling game. With the long …

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Commercial Car Insurance: What It Is, How It Works

If you run a business that uses vehicles for its operation, you may need to have a commercial car insurance policy. Also, if you use your personal car for business purposes—reasons beyond commuting to work, running errands, or taking road trips—then commercial coverage may be in order. What Is Commercial …

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New Halo game officially announced, will release this year

Master Chief is returning after it’s been announced that a new game will be released later this year. Although a new game is already in development using the Unreal Engine, given how… turbulent… the franchise has been in recent years, it’s only fitting that fans approach any news of a …

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