Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 confirms Black Cat is bisexual

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 didn’t just reunite us with Peter, Miles, and MJ. We also got to see fan-favourite Black Cat again – and while Black Cat’s inclusion in the story may be rather fleeting, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has confirmed the character to be bisexual. Take a look at Marvel’s Spider-Man …

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Red Alert 2 hailed as one of the greats, 23 years later

Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 was released 23 years ago and I’ve crumbled to dust. For many RTS fans, or just PC gamers, Command & Conquer was a brilliant series. It was up there with Starcraft as being deep, easily playable and endlessly replayable. Of course, as with so …

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Guitar Hero revival finally teased by Activision

Guitar Hero is a series that began in 2005 that let gamers pretend that they were famous rockstars – and it was so much fun. To be fair, while Guitar Hero never actually required anywhere near the same level of skill that’s needed to play a real guitar, the series …

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Hogs Of War is finally being remastered for modern consoles

The cult-classic PlayStation 1 game, Hogs Of War, could officially arrive on modern platforms thanks to a new remaster. This depends on the success of a Kickstarter campaign to bring the cult classic series back, which will begin to accept donations on 17 October later this month, and will end …

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