Parisian Pools, Up Close and Personal

I slip into the water and push off quickly before the man swimming like a breast-stroking porpoise gets any closer. Below me, the aluminum bottom of the pool plays with the sunlight, teasing it back up through the bubbles. I breathe to the right one last time before doing a …

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Turkey’s Women’s Volleyball Team Inspires Pride

As the volleyball game neared its end, thousands of fans watching on giant screens in an Istanbul park rose to their feet and fell silent. The ball soared, a Turkish player set it up near the net, and her teammate spiked it. Her Italian opponents blocked the shot but knocked …

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In Italy, Rape Cases Seize Attention and Expose Cultural Rifts

Shattered glass surrounds the abandoned swimming pool, along with dilapidated benches, broken tiles and a single dirty mattress. Local police officers have identified the forsaken spot as one of the places where they say two young girls were repeatedly raped by a gang of their peers, all residents of the …

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China to Its People: Spies Are Everywhere, Help Us Catch Them

Beijing sees forces bent on weakening it everywhere: embedded in multinational companies, infiltrating social media, circling naïve students. And it wants its people to see them, too. Chinese universities require faculty to take courses on protecting state secrets, even in departments like veterinary medicine. A kindergarten in the eastern city …

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Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine’s Offensive Makes Progress

Russian authorities confirmed on Sunday that the 10 people killed in the crash of a private plane north of Moscow on Aug. 23 were those that had been listed on the jet’s manifest. The most prominent was Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, 62, the businessman and leader of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, …

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