Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine Overhauls Senior Ranks of Defense Ministry

A damaged apartment block compound in Kyiv in November last year.Credit…David Guttenfelder for The New York Times President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine threatened to escalate attacks on Russia if Moscow repeated last winter’s strategy of bombarding Ukrainian power plants that left millions of Ukrainians fighting freezing temperatures without power, heat …

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South Korean Adoptions and a Nation’s Painful Past

Mia Lee Sorensen’s Danish parents used to tell her that her birth family in South Korea had put her up for adoption. According to her adoption papers, she was born prematurely in 1987 to a family that could not afford her medical bills and wished for her to have a …

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How Do We Feel About Global Warming? It’s Called Eco-Anxiety.

Italy was in the grip of extreme heat waves, hellish wildfires and biblical downpours, and a nerve-wracked young Italian woman wept as she stood in a theater to tell the country’s environment minister about her fears of a climatically apocalyptic future. “I personally suffer from eco-anxiety,” Giorgia Vasaperna, 27, said, …

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Libya Dams Were in Danger, Engineer Warned

It had been clear for years that the dams protecting Derna, on Libya’s Mediterranean coast, were in danger of giving way. Torrential rains were not new. Decade after decade, they had pounded the area, washing away the soil that helped soak up water as it ran down from the dry …

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Kim Jong-un Visits More Russian Military Sites

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, inspected nuclear-capable strategic bombers in Russia on Saturday, according to Russian state media, as he continued a trip that has raised fears of the two nations deepening their military ties against a common enemy, the United States. Mr. Kim arrived in Primorsky Krai, in Russia’s …

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Putin and Kim’s Embrace May Place Xi in a Bind

To challenge the power of his chief rival, the United States, China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, has linked arms with two anti-Western states, declaring a “no limits” partnership with Russia and pledging “unswerving” support for North Korea. But the specter of a budding bromance between President Vladimir V. Putin of …

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