Building Trust in the Bitcoin Network in El Salvador

Alex explained how there are now four pillars to Bitcoin education in El Salvador, with Mi Primer Bitcoin serving as the most basic. He recently left CUBO+ to create another program called Node Nation, with the goal of installing Lightning nodes in high schools and providing highly technical classes to …

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BaFin-Licensed Crypto Custodian Finoa Will Offer Regulated DeFi

“An important differentiator is what we as a regulated custodian can and cannot do,” Gebbing said. “What you will not find, for example, is that we just connect Finoa wallets to any kind of decentralized app out there, permissionless DeFi and whatnot. It’s really a filtered, curated set of d’apps …

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Binance Says SEC’s Request for Depositions is ‘Overbroad’ and ‘Unduly Burdensome’

“Even after all of the discovery already produced by BAM during the expedited discovery period, the SEC still has no evidence to support its unsubstantiated allegations that imply investor assets have been somehow diverted,» the exchange wrote. «All the evidence in this matter—including documents, declarations, and sworn deposition testimony—supports BAM’s …

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AI Is Killing Crypto Venture Capital Interest

Unlike mainstream AI which isn’t even a year old, crypto has been present for more than a decade. Thanks to the cyclical movement of the crypto economy, we can confidently predict more innovation and investor interest as the bear market ends. Lower interest rates, globalized crypto regulation, Bitcoin ETF approvals, …

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