Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 update leaves fans heartbroken

Being a gamer is hard. Even more so when you have to watch other fandoms get their prayers answered with current-gen console updates while your beloved is left out in the cold.

This is the bitter situation Red Dead Redemption 2 players find themselves in, as yet more months pass without any news of a PlayStation 5 update. It’s gotten to the point that fans are doubting it’ll ever happen, as illustrated in a Reddit post that asks if it’ll ever happen.

“Do you think RDR2 will ever get a PS5 update?” The OP continues, “Skyrim, GTA V, Assassin’s creed Origins, and The Witcher 3 got one. I don’t see why not.” Neither do we, however, Rockstar Games is very quiet on the matter.

One fan speculates that there’ll be no update, but there will be a “$70 remaster”. If that does happen, we anticipate that it could end up like the Nintendo Switch port of Red Dead Redemption, which was nothing short of disappointing as fans review bombed it.

It’s heartbreaking to know that there’s no plans for this update. Still, as one Redditor pointed out, “It’s crazy that even without an update, it [Red Dead Redemption 2] looks better than almost every current-gen game.”

There’s no denying that RDR2 still looks fantastic. Nevertheless, while an update might not “do much”, having a PS5 option to choose from when returning to the Wild West would make a huge difference to fans.

The outlaw life is never done with you in Red Dead Redemption 2

Maybe with the gap between now and the GTA VI release, Rockstar will fill that gap in with a Red Dead Redemption treat for us…? It’s not likely, but you never know. Especially when “accidental leaks” are happening in the aftermath of the Rockstar controversy; maybe the brand will want to win back its disappointed fans.

All we can do at the moment, though, is weep into our coffee, our retired saddle staring back at us waiting for the day RDR2 comes to the PS5.

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