GTA 6 meets The Sims in one of the most realistic games we’ve ever seen

Fans of the role-playing opportunities in both Grand Theft Auto 6 and The Sims are in for an exciting summer courtesy of one upcoming life-simulation game that is rumoured to be the next big thing.

Releasing in early access on 4 June, Life by You is an upcoming life-simulation “created for you AND by you”. Developed by Paradox Tectonic, a “whole new world of creative possibilities” will be available as you create your characters and live out their lives. Set to be a direct competitor for the most-popular life simulation game, The Sims, Life by You has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Check out the first Life by You trailer below!

If there is one annoying feature of The Sims 4, it is loading screens but Life by You promises a full open-world city with no loading screens, the ability to have real-life conversations and much like Grand Theft Auto 6, the chance to drive or cycle around the countryside whilst completing quests to unlock new experiences.

Not only can you adapt conversations to your playstyle, take direct control of your characters and create your own families each with deep personalities and character traits, Life by You is designed to be one of the most “moddable life-simulation games” on the market.

This means players will be able to make their own in-game content through mods, utilize the extensive Creator Tools and change the gameplay at any time to “make or break” the game.

Not one to miss out on a well-known The Sims feature, Life by You also features the ability to build and design your own houses and businesses from scratch. Not only can you focus on one building, you will also have the ability to design and organise entire towns.

Life by You is heading into early access this summer so make sure you don’t miss out on this epic new life-simulation extravaganza.

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