Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Unreal Engine 5 remake free download available now

Unreal Engine 5 remakes are constantly popping up left, right, and centre, with various creators taking a stab at upgrading the visuals for classic games. It’s always a nice chance to see a game given the polish that the original developer or publisher may never get a chance to try for themselves.

This brings us to this utterly gorgeous remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, fully overhauled using Unreal Engine 5. While the footage on YouTube doesn’t show Link, Zelda, or any other characters, it does give us a good view of Hyrule and it looks lush.

The Legend of Zelda is a series constantly growing and evolving with every new release

The biggest downside to these videos is they create a want among players that will likely never be fulfilled. Of course, Nintendo could surprise us with some The Legend of Zelda remakes, but the Japanese company is often hesitant to issue remakes or remasters. The closest we’ve got recently is the Super Mario 3D All-Stars title which was sold in limited supply.

For now, players will have to seek out creators who are publishing these demos and videos as passion projects, though it’s worth remembering that many of them aren’t even playable demos.

The comments underneath this video are very supportive of the creator, while many feel their “inner child is screaming while watching this,” because it would be a “dream come true” were it made by Nintendo.

Seeing the interest is heartwarming as many give props to the creator, CryZENx, saying “Words cannot describe how cool it is to watch this masterpiece come together.” Perhaps, one day, someone at Nintendo will stumble over a video like this and see that there’s a huge community of people that would love to see their favourite childhood games refreshed and rereleased. It’s been working for Square Enix and Capcom with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Resident Evil, so it could work for Zelda too.

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