GTA 6 Online will be a completely fresh start, no crossover from GTA 5 Online

We’re all speculating about what’s to come in Grand Theft Auto VI, but what of its online component? Surely, GTA VI will spell the end of GTA Online as we know it.

It’s not something that Rockstar has publicly commented on as of yet. All we really know is that GTA VI is set to land in 2025. Following a recent Take-Two earnings call, it looked likely that GTA VI would land in January, February, or March of 2025 but after revenue expectations were altered in recent days, it’s now looking as if it may launch in April or beyond. The best thing we can do is sit tight and wait for Rockstar to provide another update, which assumedly will come in a few months time. Us Grand Theft Auto fans aren’t exactly known for our patience though. While we wait, some have taken to theorising over what might happen to GTA Online.

ICYMI: Take a look at GTA VI’s trailer below.

Presumably, GTA Online will eventually be replaced by a new-gen successor. The question fans want to know is, will our progress transfer over? The likely answer is no, but that’s not something that can be stated with concrete certainty. It’s been a major topic of discussion on the r/GTA6 thread in recent days, with many agreeing that the transfer of progress is highly unlikely.

“Your current progression in GTA Online won’t be transferred,” wrote ToppleToes, kicking off the discussion. “I have seen people post about wanting their GTAO progress to be transferred to the next GTAO when GTA VI comes out. […] First off, GTA VI will be a completely different game. New map, new characters and new story. It would be really stupid if Rockstar decides to let us transfer the progress. I have played GTAO for years. Done everything that has to be done and bought everything that I could. […] Imagine someone who hasn’t played the current GTAO starts playing the new GTAO and sees 90% of the lobby already has everything. He wouldn’t log back in.”

They continued, “We should be starting out with NOTHING. That’s the beauty of it. From having nothing to doing jobs, missions and heists. Making money, making our character strong and buying the stuff we want. That’s what makes the grind worth it. There isn’t any fun playing GTAO if we have everything from the beginning. It baffles me that people actually think that there’s a chance that our progress will get transferred.”

I’m of the same opinion, as are many other fans. “I want a fresh and new start,” wrote AloneBear8117, while Efficient-Basil7152 added, “We need a fresh start. I’m tired of grinders, tryhards and toxic people in GTA Online.” While, of course, we’ll need to await full confirmation from Rockstar, the people who know this franchise best are prepping for a clean slate, so I’d recommend you do too.

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