Halo coming to PlayStation has completely divided the fanbase

Xbox fans are divided at the idea of Halo games being ported to PlayStation, with some welcoming the end of exclusivity and others shivering at the thought.

Check out Starfield below

As you can imagine this has created quite the divide within the community. On one hand there are those who welcome the idea of multiple platforms, but some are calling the decision the end of Xbox as we know it and are even selling their consoles in protest. This extends to the Halo community as well, as seen in a Reddit post by Swamp_Eyes asking “How do you feel about Halo potentially coming to Playstation?”

Some were directly opposed to the idea, with one user saying it would be “a very poor strategic decision by Microsoft. Halo is the only reason I have stuck with Xbox the past two generations.”

Others said it would be “another nail in the coffin for the Xbox platform.”

However some were more open to the idea, like one fan who said it’d “be a plus,” as there’d be “more people to play with and new people to enjoy the franchise.”

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is said to be making an official announcement to fans next week, so hopefully there’ll be final confirmation on whether the company actually plans to go full-on multiplatform.

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