Until Dawn PlayStation 5 Remake confirmed in terrifying new trailer

In a surprise turn of events, Until Dawn is getting a PlayStation 5 upgrade, bringing the cinematic horror game to a new-generation.

PlayStation’s State Of Play showcase treated us to the surprise announcement with a new trailer, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Take a look at the new and improved Until Dawn below

Until Dawn is of course a survival horror and Interactive drama where the player controls the decisions of a large cast of characters. This isn’t your typical “die and try again” game. If one of your characters doesn’t make it out, they’re gone for good.

It doesn’t skimp on the horror vibes, and features some genuinely chilling moments, especially when your favourite character dies because of a poor decision you made or an accidental slip-up.

The new PS5 upgrade – which appears to be a full remake given the word «rebuilt» – will give the game a fresh coat of paint from the look of things, as well as a greater frame rate and other gameplay enhancements and bonus features.

Hopefully, the game will also feature some enhanced controls, including those that take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s controllers. Haptic feedback, gyro, and the microphone should all be compatible with the game in some way to make it one of the most immersive horror experiences we’ve ever played.

It’s unclear if there will be any additions to story content, it’d be nice if there was but it seems pretty unlikely.

The PS5 version of Until Dawn will launch exclusively for Sony’s console and PC later this year.

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