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New open world Pokémon RPG confirmed, coming 2025

If you tuned into today’s Pokémon Presents, you’ll no doubt be wondering what that surprise announcement was at the end of the presentation, yet another open world Pokémon game that’ll debut in 2025. Like almost every Pokémon Presents today’s broadcast felt like a bit of a letdown considering fans were …

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Borderlands 4 was just announced in the weirdest way

The games community is alight with Borderlands talk. Not of the games, per se, but of the upcoming movie. However, there’s other Borderlands news – some would argue better news – that was just announced. Naturally, discussions about Borderlands are flooding social media, chiefly because not everyone is sold on …

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Gears Of War headed to PlayStation 5, it appears

The Gears of War franchise is one of Microsoft’s most popular video game properties so it’s unthinkable that this series could jump ship to make its way over to Sony’s PlayStation brand, right? Recently, rumours have been making the rounds that Microsoft is going third-party and perhaps even stepping away …

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Toxic voice chat is ruining gaming, gamers agree

Not to sound ancient, but gaming used to be simpler. Although simpler doesn’t equal better, there are some elements from the past we wish we could bring forward. Any women out there will know this issue painfully well, as will other marginalised communities; for all the advancements in gaming, being …

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