Call Of Duty players say content creators ‘killed the joy of COD’

Though it was posted to Reddit as an ‘unpopular opinion’ it seems the idea that content creators are ‘killing the joy of CoD’ isn’t actually that unpopular.

A thread appeared on the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit by a user called u/VOIDofSin explaining how certain content creators are “complaining about something and hating on people for using certain weapons or other things that aren’t “fair” in their “professional” opinion.” This opinion can be reduced to the idea that creators become much more jaded and bitter, leading to a toxic fandom.

Modern Warfare 3 has seemingly succeeded with its multiplayer options

This thread sparked quite a few people into agreeing with the sentiment and calling out creators for constantly wanting to dominate and win, rather than have fun. One user, u/TheCursedCorsair explained the situation further, “Streamers that focus on a single game/series usually become its biggest critics and become acutely jaded with a franchise.” I’ve seen it happen with creators I watch who play Escape from Tarkov, a game constantly mired in ‘issues’.

Throughout the Reddit thread players are commenting in agreement, but one reply hones in on the core issue, “I feel the streaming nature of games these days has given everyone a sense of needing to do good and be good at a game in order to enjoy it.” The issue with streaming and content creation is that anyone rarely wants to watch someone constantly lose at a game. The rush of adrenaline is felt by viewers as well as the creator, so if they’re losing, it’s not often entertaining. And, at the end of the day, creators need to be entertaining to keep views, sponsorships, and contracts.

It’s a double-edged sword, because those creators will also be the most vocal and are more likely to sway the audience, and sometimes the developers, too. One reply to this is “They control the meta, force changes into games, create a disgusting subculture.” However, it’s something unlikely to change anytime soon.

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