GTA 6 leaked alleged release date ‘too painful to deal with’, fans complain

I think it’s fair to say GTA VI is probably the leakiest game of all time. Given it’s already shaping up to be the single biggest piece of entertainment released since… ever, that’s to be expected.

Last year was infamously marred by gameplay leaks that showed us an in development GTA VI. Rockstar Games finally gave us our first official trailer for GTA VI earlier this month, but not before someone leaked it ahead of time and forced Rockstar’s hand. It should come as little surprise, then, that Rockstar has been affected by what appears to be another leak.

Take a look at the GTA VI trailer below!

Someone claiming to be a cleaner at Rockstar’s London office recently took to the internet to share details of GTA VI‘s map, which they claim to have seen plans of, and a September 2025 release date. Now, it is of course worth noting that anyone could jump on Reddit, say they’ve got inside info, and make any old claim.

However, what’s interesting is that one of the mods of the GTA VI subreddit says they were sent sensitive information by the leaker that backs up a lot of their claims. Said leaker has also deleted their own Reddit post, which suggests they may have landed themselves in deep poo indeed.

While fans go back and forth on whether to believe this most recent leak, one thing everything can agree on is that September 2025 is too far away. Obviously the first official trailer made it clear GTA VI is coming 2025, but I think the expectation and hope was very much for an early 2025 launch.

«I believe everything you said except September 2025, because that’s too painful to deal with right now,» wrote one user in response to the alleged cleaner’s claims.

«Yeah, they announce September 2025, so they can push it back to December 2025,» another added. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Another user made the fair claim that September-October tends to be a spicy time for big game releases. This year, for instance, we had Starfield, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, to name but a few.

Basically, you might want to brace for a longer than expected wait.

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