Hogwarts Legacy fans outraged game received zero Game Award nominations

When Hogwarts Legacy was first released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox in February 2023, it was a surefire contender for a flurry of Game of the Year nominations. Then the rest of 2023 happened.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, Hogwarts Legacy is a fantastic game, especially if you’re a fan of the Wizarding World. Like never before have we had a chance to live the Harry Potter fantasy life being a student of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, exploring the halls of Hogwarts Castle as well as its surrounding areas including the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade Village and much more.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!

That being said, despite the gruelling competition, some Hogwarts Legacy fans are outraged that the game developed by Avalanche Software has not received a single nomination for this year’s The Game Awards ceremony.

“It’s a shame Hogwarts Legacy didn’t get any nominations at The Game Awards this year!,” announced Redditor MiddletonPlays kicking off the discussion on the thread. “It deserved at least a nomination for its score and music!” To be fair, the music in Hogwarts Legacy is fantastic and in terms of visual design, the castle is amazing.

“Not GOTY sure, but it should definitely be on ‘Best Score and Music’ and at least ‘Art Direction’” replied Th3Hitman (not Bret Hart or Agent 47, probably). “There’s plenty of categories it should be in besides GOTY. Art direction is literally a gimme nomination,” adds Troyal1.“I’d advocate for a “best newcomer developer title” or something,” suggests ArmorOfMar.

There are also a lot of comments that point out the amazing competition that Hogwarts Legacy had to contend with in 2023. Perhaps, if Hogwarts Legacy had been released the year prior, it may have stood a better chance of picking up the top gong.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It also launches today on Nintendo Switch.

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