Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 cancelled for Modern Warfare 3

Among the controversy and general disgruntled feelings regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 we’ve now heard from Sledgehammer develoeprs who say that their original plan of Advanced Warfare 2 was cancelled to make way for Modern Warfare 3.

According to Bloomberg, the developers initially pitched the idea of returning to the Advanced Warfare universe for a sequel, giving players a more futuristic Call of Duty experience again.

Modern Warfare 3 has caught a lot of flack for its campaign

Perhaps a new entry in the Advanced Warfare saga would have fared better than what we got, which was a rushed attempt to capitalise on the Modern Warfare product. Critics have slammed the game with most saying the storyline was rushed and the the game feels more like an expansion than a £70 product.

The game, according to sources, took around a year and a half to make which caused production to feel «stressful» for the development team. The process was apparently hurried following a delay of another Call of Duty project and the Modern Warfare expansion became a full release. Staff claim the plan for the title was «ambiguous» and all were led to believe that this wouldn’t be a «premium game.»

Some staff said that they felt «betrayed» because they were promised they wouldn’t have to crunch to produce the game. In the end, the staff had to work nights and weekends to ship a game they hadn’t even conceived themselves. The team were happy to go all in on Advanced Warfare which would have taken longer to complete, but would have felt like that «premium game» the execs so badly wanted.

The original plan was to focus on a smaller-scale spinoff of Modern Warfare set in Mexico until executive stepped in and ordered a sequel to Modern Warfare 2, while also canning the desired plans for more Advanced Warfare.

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