Hogs Of War is finally being remastered for modern consoles

The cult-classic PlayStation 1 game, Hogs Of War, could officially arrive on modern platforms thanks to a new remaster.

This depends on the success of a Kickstarter campaign to bring the cult classic series back, which will begin to accept donations on 17 October later this month, and will end on 16 November. The end goal for the Kickstarter is $150,000 in order to complete development on the remaster.

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If you’ve never heard of Hogs Of War before, you probably won’t be the first. Originally released on the PlayStation 1, the game follows anthropomorphic pigs fighting in a First World War setting. It features turn-based combat like many other strategy games.

It was released to mixed reviews, and a later re-release on Steam garnered similar scores and opinions, but over the years the game has amassed quite a following of fans who’d love to see it return someday.

Luckily their demands have been answered, as a remaster is within reach provided they hit the Kickstarter goal.

If all goes well, the remaster will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, keeping in line with its original PlayStation exclusivity.

Aside from the $150,000 end goal, the Hogs Of War Kickstarter has several stretch goals that may or may not lead to bonus features in the game. These include a new PC port, a rebalance to the single player, achievements, a higher difficulty campaign called Ultra Hard Mode, new cheats and online networking.

Backers will apparently have over 13 tiers to choose from when supporting the campaign, which will have varying digital and physical rewards for the most committed fans.

The Hogs Of War Kickstarter will launch on 17 October, hopefully leading to the remaster’s release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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