Xbox is quietly killing off the Xbox Series S

The writing may be on the wall for the Xbox Series S, following the leak for a new Xbox Series model releasing in 2024.

The days of releasing one console per generation are long gone, as every time a new generation kicks off, you can bet money on the fact it’ll involve several different versions of a system.

A new Xbox Series S is available now, check it out below!

Take Xbox for example. In 2020, Microsoft released two consoles, the all-powerful Xbox Series X, a monster in terms of performance that included a disc drive. At the same time, the Xbox Series S was released, a cost-effective console that wasn’t as powerful as the X, was all-digital but was cheaper overall.

While the Series S was popular as an ideal choice for gamers on a budget, it’s never lived up to the raw power of the Xbox Series X. People found it amusing for a while, but the one thing they love more than a hero, is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying, and that seems to be where the Xbox Series S is heading.

A recent leak from the FTC trial has exposed plans to release a new Xbox in 2024, which will essentially be an Xbox Series X without the disc drive, and less bulky. It’s not even a box anymore, it’s a cylinder. It’s reminiscent of Sony’s PlayStation 5, which offered two variations, one that’s all-digital for a cheaper price, or one that’s not for full price, but there was no difference in terms of power and performance.

That seems to be the direction Microsoft is heading in, meaning if people want to play the latest titles like Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3, and The Elder Scrolls VI with all the bells and whistles of current-gen hardware, they’ll have a cost-effective option that doesn’t sacrifice performance as the Xbox Series S does.

The Xbox Series S had a good run, but in the end, it was always destined to be left behind by its big brothers. It’ll likely still be supported for a few years though, mainly for those who couldn’t care less about graphics and framerates and just want a decent home system.

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