Weird PlayStation fan wants God Of War dev Alanah Pearce fired for playing Starfield

PlayStation gamers who are in desperate need of a life outside of sitting at home alone and screaming into the internet have demanded a Sony developer be fired. Her crime? Playing Starfield.

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Now Starfield is out in the wild, and the PlayStation gamers who were already upset they couldn’t play Bethesda’s space RPG are now on the verge of soling their trousers in an impotent rage. I should make it clear this is a small and vocal minority, as most gamers are relatively normal people who don’t throw tantrums on a regular basis.

Case in point, an angry PlayStation fan saw that streamer and video game developer Alanah Pearce has, like so many of us, been enjoying Starfield. The issue with this, according to the kind of people I wouldn’t trust to operate scissors without supervision, is that Pearce works for God Of War developer Santa Monica Studio, and is therefore consorting with the enemy. The solution? To have her fired, of course.

«Alanah Pearce should be fired for promoting Xbox Games on a public platform like this,» wrote the fan, who clearly needs to go outside and touch all the grass. «Extremely unprofessional and demonstrates a lack of loyalty and seriousness to PlayStation, her employer.» They even tagged God Of War director Cory Barlog, in what can only be described as the Twitter equivalent of demanding to see the manager.

Fortunately the Fire Alanah Pearce movement has gained precisely zero support, because it’s a genuinely batshit thing to have suggested in the first place.

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