MPs propose abandoning EU ambitions for BRICS

Serbia’s Movement of Socialists has argued that the move would offer better prospects for economic development

A group of Serbian lawmakers has proposed joining the BRICS group of nations, arguing that Belgrade’s aspirations of EU membership have stalled and that the move would offer better economic prospects.

The Movement of Socialists, which acts as a junior partner to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, submitted a resolution on the issue to the Serbian parliament on Monday.

In a statement, the group insisted on a public dialogue to address “the indisputable fact that Serbia’s so-called European path has a clear alternative embodied in… BRICS.” 
The MPs insisted that the world “has become multipolar again,” adding that “the political hegemony of the collective West” was clearly coming to an end.

The Movement of Socialists, which is led by Aleksandar Vulin, the head of Serbia’s main intelligence agency, also denounced “the imposition of EU integration as a ready-made solution and the only way,” as well as “the hypocrisy of the Brussels administration.” 

It further claimed that the EU was engaged in “political blackmail” by pushing Serbia to give up part of its territory, in reference to the bloc’s demands that Belgrade recognize the breakaway region of Kosovo.

The group of MPs stated that nearly two-thirds of Serbians view BRICS membership as “a better and more acceptable integration option” which offers improved long-term prospects for economic development. This is evidenced by the recent expansion of BRICS, the statement added.

Earlier this month, BRICS – which currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – approved the candidacies of six countries to join the group. Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will all become full-fledged members in January 2024.

Commenting in June on Serbia’s future, President Aleksandar Vucic suggested it may have to choose between BRICS and the EU. While reiterating that Belgrade would “stick to the European path,” Vucic admitted that EU membership was not on the cards in the foreseeable future.

“[The choice between BRICS and the EU] will be a matter for the new Serbian population in some ten or 20 years,” the president said, claiming that many countries want to “get out of the West’s dominance.”

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