Diablo 5 is already being teased, fans won’t have as long to wait

Fans of the Diablo series will reportedly have a much shorter wait for Diablo V, as Blizzard boss suggests more sequels are planned.

Despite its fair share of hate and controversy, Diablo IV is the most successful entry in the series so far.

Take a look at the trailer for Diablo IV below

The RPG is still regularly receiving updates too, including frequent patches, some of which have had to reverse previously made changes to the game due to uproar from its players.

Despite its success, it also had its fair share of criticism, mostly against its developer Blizzard Entertainment. One such complaint arose when players started to face bans for using mods that didn’t go against the game’s anti-cheating policy, and more at the number of bugs and glitches players have faced since its release. One bug even caused a streamer to lose 173 hours of gameplay progress.

Fans will likely be hoping the next game in the series will be an improvement, and recent news suggests they won’t have long to wait until Diablo V.

During an interaction with Blizzard Entertainment boss Mike Ybarra and IGN, Ybarra spoke about the wait time between Diablo games. Diablo III was released in 2012 and didn’t see a continuation until this year, marking over a decade since between releases.

It sounds like that’s something Blizzard intends to change, as Ybarra said fans “won’t have to wait so long between [Diablo] titles» and that the developer is working on «Diablo 4 and beyond», suggesting a fifth game is on the way and won’t take another decade to appear.

This’ll likely be good news for Diablo fans, though with all of the problems Diablo IV had at launch, it’s probably safe to assume some will be sceptical about the series churning out more releases over a shorter timeframe.

Diablo IV is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms.

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