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The Trillion Dollar Crypto Opportunity: Real World Asset Tokenization

Web3 is another technological revolution, which is undergoing this familiar boom and bust cycle. Until now, Web3 has succeeded in installing a cluster of technologies with enormous potential for economic growth and transformation. DeFi, or decentralized finance, has installed the infrastructure to enable a new financial system which replaces intermediaries …

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Biden will use Covid to rig election – Trump

The former US president has urged his supporters not to comply with lockdowns or mask and vaccine mandates Former US president Donald Trump has claimed that President Joe Biden’s administration will take advantage of the reemergence of Covid-19 to rewrite election rules in order to prevent him from winning the …

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Member state blocks EU military aid to Ukraine – Borrell

The EU has been unable to release €500 million in ‘European Peace Facility’ funding for Ukraine, due to opposition from one of the members, the bloc’s foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell told reporters on Thursday. The country was later identified as Hungary. “I have to regret that the 8th tranche …

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Former Cardinal avoids sex-abuse trial due to dementia

Theodore McCarrick was accused of molesting a 16-year-old boy, one of allegedly dozens of victims A Massachusetts judge on Wednesday dismissed charges against former Roman Catholic cardinal Theodore McCarrick, ruling that the 93-year-old was not mentally competent to stand trial for the alleged sexual abuse of a teenage boy. McCarrick is …

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Scientists explain radioactive boar phenomenon

The Chernobyl disaster is not the only cause of high radiation levels found in Bavarian wild pigs, a new study says Nuclear weapons testing during the 1960s significantly contributed to high levels of radioactivity in Europe, which is still detected in the region’s wild boar population, a new study has found. The …

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Fukushima has not made fish radioactive – Russian data

More than 440 samples of seafood products from the area of the dump have been studied, Rosselkhoznadzor says The fish caught in Russia’s Far East after Japan began releasing wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean last week didn’t show excessive levels of radiation, Russia’s veterinary and …

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Crypto for Advisors: Bitcoin and the Bull

Such a construct – an open network of unrelated nodes following code-based rules to agree on and locally record valid transactions without a central leader – results in Bitcoin’s key properties: Bitcoin is decentralized with no central point of control; trustless as nodes implement open-source software; censorship resistant with transaction …

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